Monday, April 10, 2017

I was tagged by the amazing @womanshopsworld to share 20 facts about me. I normally don’t disclose too much about myself (or my face very often for that matter), and that’s mostly because I don’t want to bore anyone! Anyway, here goes… 1) I LOVE coffee. When I’m home I only have whole bean and grind it myself. It is the spark that ignites my creativity fueled day. ☕️ 2) I have Selective Sound Sensitivity Disorder (also known as misophonia). This is a neurological disorder where certain “normal” noises can trigger severe stress, anger, and panic attacks. It is a struggle for me everyday, but I am determined to not let it take over my life. Needless to say, earplugs and my white noise machine are my BFFs. 😖 3) I am also a little OCD. I love to clean and my house is always organized. I swear I spend more time organizing my art studio than creating. 4) Animal rescue is incredibly important in my life. My 4 cats, 3 guinea pigs, and hamster are all rescues. 5) I am obsessed with old movies, the silent era and 1930s are my favorite. 6) Buster Keaton and Fred Astaire are my boyfriend and husband, respectively. 7) my husband and I just bought our first house back in July. It’s an old farmhouse on 5 acres. 8) I am obsessed with birds, especially songbirds. I am always looking out my window to see what species stop by the feeder. 9) I love to go fishing with my dad 10) I love to go to garage/estate sales with my mom 11) My husband is an amazing musician, like really amazing. 12) There are no kids in our future, we don’t want them 😬 13) I always binge Netflix or Hulu while I work, right now my binge is The Golden Girls. 14) I love plants, but it is a struggle everyday to keep them alive 🌱 15) I have 3 brothers, I was the only girl 16) I have a day job working at a college, I am the assistant to the faculty in the Humanities Department. 17) I want to pursue my art full time sooo bad, but I am terrified. 18) I live along a river, I have woods in my backyard and a big swampy field behind the woods. With a wide assortment of habitat around us you can only imagine the amazing wildlife we see. Continued…

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