Tuesday, May 15, 2012

fotofuze.com - an Etsy seller's best friend!!!

Ever wonder how Etsy sellers get those bright white backgrounds in their photos? Well, the answer is probably fotofuze.com. Some of you are probably familiar with this awesome and super simple photo editing website, but for those that don't here is a quick tutorial:

Here is the first screen you should see when you go to fotofuze.com:

1) Click upload photo and choose the photo you would like to edit. Here is the photo I chose:

      Make sure when you initially take your photo that is is already against a white background. Also note that I did brighten up this photo using a very basic photo editor before I opened it in fotofuze.

2) Step 2 prompts you to highlight the areas of the picture you want to keep- i.e. the object in the picture (in my case the lovebirds) and any shadows the object creates. The magic highlighter tool is your default tool, and it is pretty good at identifying the parts of the photo you want to keep with very little guidance. The highlight is shown below in yellow.

It doesn't have to be perfect- so don't fret about staying in the lines. You can see in the preview the parts I have highlighted are visible, and below in the error box fotofuze is showing me the areas I missed. You can also adjust the sharpness/softness of the photo as well, but if you have a good camera you can probably skip this step. Once you are done selecting your objects and shadows click finish (which did not show up in the picture, but it is right below the error box).

3) The picture will take a few seconds to load your new revised picture, and when your photo shows up simply click on the thumbnail and select "download." The photo will then be saved in your "Downloads" folder on your computer (if you are using Windows 7, that is).

And here you are!!! Here is a side by side so you can see the difference:

Now you are front page ready!!!!!!


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