About Me


About Me and Vintage...

My shop started recently, but my love for vintage started decades ago. I have always felt I should live in a different era; things were so much more beautiful back then. I have always been a collector of vintage; it started as housewares and then moved into clothing. I decided to start my shop because my hours were being cut at my day job. I thought to myself, "Is this my moment to actually work for myself? To do something I love doing? Is this the time to follow my dream?" And that is what I did.

Most of my spare time is spent treasure hunting. I am always looking for inventory that has a story. I am not necessarily looking for something collectible or brand named, but more something that was once loved and cared for, and needs to be passed on to someone else who can cherish this item as much as the previous owner. I look for character- and I find many people appreciate this quality in vintage products.

About Me and Handmade...

  I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I actually come from a long line of artists on my mother's side. My medium used to be acrylic paints. About a year ago I realized it was time to really search for my niche in the art world. I happened upon shrink plastic purely by accident, but once I discovered the versatility of this medium I have been hooked ever since. Jewelry making is a new experience for me, but once I got the hang of it I discovered that was another creative process altogether! Combine that with carefully thought out photography and packaging and I am exercising my creativity now more than I ever have!

My inspiration for my pieces come from everywhere. Nature has a huge impact on my jewelry, and I am always trying to think of new ways to incorporate that into my work. I am also really hooked on this new craze for chevron, and some of my biggest sellers come from these simple stripes. I have also been hugely inspired by my customers. Every so often someone will write to me with an idea, and I take off with it. I am so lucky to have them!

And in Conclusion...

I never dreamed I would care for my shops as much as I do. It is all I ever think about; I live it. I think it is because I do it all- from the first idea to the hunt to buying the shipping supplies, my hands touch everything. My goal has always been to make my customers happy, and it is that positive feedback that makes my day.


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