Friday, February 24, 2012

Best Friend Necklaces: The Chevron Arrow (Sneak Peek!)

So today I thought I would give you a sneak peek of my new design of necklaces. I have been making best friend and mother/daughter necklaces for a while; I think matching jewelry is a beautiful way for people to feel connected to each other, and to show the world what that friendship means. The chevron and arrow designs are so popular now, as they should be- the clean simple lines are so aesthetically pleasing to just about everyone. So that got me thinking- how to turn the chevron/arrow design into a best friend necklace. Ah ha! Broken arrows! So here is my newest design: clean, simple, and perfect for those boho friends who want to make their friendship known! And what about color? Here's the best part- these are customizable! The necklaces have been designed to incorporate you and your friend's favorite colors. Cool, right? Hopefully so- I would love to get your opinion!


Sarah Azzouzi said...

I love these!

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